Joint family

Living in a joint family is far better than everyone living in their own independent villas.

Althought nowadays the tradition of living in a joint family has reduced drastically over the years, the present generation has become very self centered. 

Earlier people use to live together under one roof, be it a small house but many people use to live in the same house. This way they very well mastered the skill  of adjusting in life. Nowadays, adjustment is just a word in the dictionary but not put into practise in our real lives. We do not value people and relations anymore. 

No doubt that having money is important but one has to understand that money cannot buy us happiness, peace, joy or success. For achieving all this one has to live a balanced life. In a joint family, there are so many people to lend a helping hand when in any crises, the moral support given at such times is often the need of the hour. It does not take long to spoil reations but making relations may often take ages.

For young children, often having siblings is considered as a huge plus point as they get to learn a lot. Having some younger sibling teaches them to let go of things, sharing things with the younger one, taking care of the younger and being accountable to take the responsibility of the younger ones. Being elder they are expected to keep  these things in mind. Whereas the case of youngest child, the child gets to learn a lot from the older siblings and is always blesaed with their love care and affection and often a playmate. This way the children are never self centered and learnt many lessons for life.

In todays generation, everyone in their own independent houses, they get to meet and interact with their relatives rarely and that too for a very short span of time. This way they are not attached to each other and often they may or may not be available for each other at any given point of time. 


Do we need old age homes? 

This is a question that we need ho ask ourselves. Do we really need old age homes?

It is rightly said , an old person is as helpless as a new born baby. Hence they should be treated likewise. 

It is our own parents who take so much trouble to groom us ever since childhood. Whatever we are today is all because of our parents. They always holded our hands when we were small and needed them the most. That time we loved their care and affection for us and today it is those same parents who are taken to an old age home just because we are not able to hold their hands when they need it the most.Is this justified? 

If our parents would have done the same thing when we were small kids, would we have become whatever we are today? Would we have enjoyed all the facilities and lavishness of life as we did with our parents? If we take one moment to ponder over this, surely the number of people in old age homes will reduce drastically. 

Make your surrounding a better place to live in 

We all like our home to be a neat and tidy place. No one will like a messy room to spend the day. But when it comes to our surroundings we all step back, why? 

How many of us have made personal efforts to improve the situation? If we ask this question to ourself we will find an answer. We often step back thinking when others are doing why should i bother? 

The answer is simple. Drops of water make an ocean. So if each one of us make little efforts then surely we will succeed in making our environment a better place. Keeping it clean would let the air be free of pollution for us which will in turn save us from being affected by breathing disorders like asthama. Cleanliness is a must to keep us helathy. 

This way we can also save our rivers, oceans and other water bodies by being affected with all the dirt and filth. Though the earth has maximum quantity of water still a very minute fraction of it is fit for drinking and the reat is simply polluted. 

It is an alarming call for all of us to take action upon making small efforts to save our resources as well as stay healthy. 

A beautiful journey called life!

Life is a beautiful gift that God has given us. The way a child grows up to be an adult and all the memories created during this time period is worth the trouble taken to grow the child. It is the most happiest moment in the life of every mother to see her child as a grown up successful person. A mother gives birth to a child and the child in turn gives birth to a new and beautiful life to his/her parents. A whole lot of transformations takes place in the life of the parents, they end up sacrificing almost everything to fulfill the wishes of their children and to secure their future. All the memories associated to child never fail to bring a smile in the mothers face. It is very rightly said that giving birth is equal to 68 bones being fractured but the mother bears so much pain to give life to us. In childhood all our mistakes are forgiven. We are encouraged to become a successful person. Whenever we are angry or upset it is often taken out on the mother. At this stage we don’t have anyone else to confess things so mother plays a very vital role. Slowly when we start going to school we make new friends and have a lot of fun together. Friends play an important role in our life. It is a fact that school becomes our second home as after home, school is the place where we spend most of the time. In school we make friends and as one year completes we are happy to get promoted but sad to learn that there would be shuffling of sections. As children this was very difficult because it was after a lot of effort and time that we made some good friends and if we are shuffled then we will have to do the same amount of efforts again. But later on I realised that all this was in some way helping us socialise and make us get adjusted to new surrounding and people. As we grow older we feel that the previous class was much more easier but teachers use to tell us that as per age the syllabus increases and its not easy for people at that time. And one day comes that we have to bid farewell to our alma  mater. As children we use to await that day but when it comes it is very difficult to accept. After spending 12 years in 4 walls of a building it is not easy to go and face the outer world. Yet as they say “All the good things come to an end”. So we have to move on and experience the new life waiting for us. College is the next stage. College life has its own fun and excitement.  People say college life is the best time in our life and to a large extent it is true. We are exposed to the true colors of the society and we become somewhat mature to distinguish between the right and wrong doings or our necessity. College life teaches us lessons for life. It is surely accompanied by all the fun and mischief and a lot more to explore each day. Initially we tend to enjoy a lot and later when in final year we feel the burden of getting placed in a good company. Once placed at a good company the next stage of life is marriage. A day which changes the entire life of the brife and the groom. They get exposed to a whole lot of new relations, new roles to play and new responsibilities. This is a totally different experience than what was felt until then. Then comes the family planning. It is this time when a girl realises all the pain her mother would have underwent to give life to her. This pain cannot be expressed in words. This way a lot of transformations take place after marriage with a new phase of life. 

And the journey continues….

Role of a housewife

A housewife plays a very vital role in a family.

She works regardless of her health for the welfare of the family. But the sad truth is in most cases the work done by her is neglected. 

People often think that doing a job is more valuable but the fact remains that one can work outside but if the women does not work at home the entire home becomes a mess with no works done. This is realized only when the women does not do the household for one day. It is at this point of time that people realise that doing household work is no less than a job, the only difference is that in case of a job a person gets paid but in the case of a women, she is not paid for working selflessly. 

One day comes when a person learns that there is no greater work than that done by a women in her entire lifetime.

Above all this , being a mother she brings up the child and does all the necessary grooming for the child along with the households. Starting from morning till night she is engaged in some work or the other and she does not get paid, neither sick leave or any other kinds of leave. For all this effort a women does not demand anything in return. Hence te least thing the family members can do is respect her and her sentiments. 

It is high time that we emphasize on the hardwork done by a women at home. Its not something that is very easy to do or effortless. It is one of the most demanding jobs.

Board exams

One of the most important year for us in our career is when we are in class twelfth giving our board exams. It is a very crucial year for us as it is the stepping stones in deciding our future.

Giving board exam builds a pressure on the students. All the time students are reminded of being in the twelfth and the fact that they need to only study. This is not the right way. One should take short breaks and spend that time in playing or watching TV or doing anything that makes them happy and refreshes their mind so that they are ready to sit and and study freshly. This way one can make study more efficient as time is very precious and once wasted it never comes back and time does not wait for anyone.

It is said that during board exams students get nearly two to three months holidays wherein they can sit and study at home, but the fact remains that out of those three months it is hardly one month that they get for studying properly. Rest of the time goes by in practical exams and other exams.
At that point of time it becomes difficult for children because along with the board exams they also have to prepare for various entrance exams which commences soon after the board exam ends. There is not much time for preparation after the board exams. This builds up a pressure in the young minds as it is a peak time where in they need to perform well in the board exam as well as in various entrance exams. 

Hence this stage plays a very vital role in deciding our future. 

Avoiding boredom in public transports 

All of us love travelling but not always the travels are quick and smooth. Often we end up spending a few to many hours in the flight or airports or trains and buses and we have to do something to keep ourself occupied. There are some people who would love to watch some movie on the laptop or some may prefer to take a short nap during such intervals. But these are options which could help us in case of a few hours. Practically it is not feasible to glare at the laptop for hoursvor sleep comfortably at a public place. Many people tend to meddle with their phones but the net reuslt is battery drains in a few hours.   Yet we all need something to keep us busy. 

The need of the hour is to socialize with our fellow companions, meet new people and become friends,share thoughts and time flies. We never know they may become very good friends in the future. This is the best way to interact with others and get their views on a particular thing. This way we get to learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Another interesting way is to look out for the beautiful view while travelling in a bus or in a train. We get to see many small villages passing by. The people living in such places have their own farms which are huge in area. They grow various crops and do farming for their survival. Such a view is rare to observe in the developed towns and cities. While travelling to some hillstation the best way to keep ourselves busy is to have a look at the beautiful scenery and the ups and downs of the routes. It is truely amazing. 

One of the other ways to pass time in buses, trains or flights is to carry some magazines. Magazines are available at any airport or stations. They are a good source to pass time. It has a variety of sections lettibg us choose from our interest be it fashion or travel or technology or food and many others. Depending upon our interest and the duration of time wr need to spend we can choose a required book. There are some magazines which have an overview of all fields and ia the best suited in case of smaller journey wjereas in case of a long journey we can opt for other magazines which have content in depth in various fields. There are many varieties of magazines one can opt for. 

Also after completing a magazine we can pass it on to our fellow companions travelling besides us. Our travel becomes brightened when some stranger beside us offers a magazine. 


As a resident of delhi i have always fancied travelling to hillstations during the summer months. 

They provide an exotic environment to the visitors and a soothing climate . There is a lot to explore in such places and each place has its own beauty and uniqueness. The culture and lifestyle of the local people is way too simple from ours. We get to explore the diversity of their lifestyle like their way of dressing brings a totally new attire, their language amd food shows the diversity in India. On visiting such places we realise that there are places which are comparatively less populated than any of the metros and yet it is one of the most happening destinations. Offering a much cleaner atmosphere with lush greenery and cleaner oxygen to breathe, the people there are far more disciplined than us by all means. Another interesting feature of hillstations is their routes. With much of ups and downs on the way it offers a beautiful scenic view . At the highest point of the peak one can see the clear sky which appears more nearer. 

Hillstations offer a pleasant climate throughout the year. Visiting in the summers bring relief whereas visiting in winters brings its share of joy and excitement of snowfall. These features make hillstations a loved place round the year and attract a lot of tourists. In hillstations walking for many kilometers does not make us tired and the reason being the air is fresh and free from pollution. Hence it offers a clean and heathy environment to the people. 

Hillstations are loved by everyone.  

Lucky are those born in the 90s 

The golden period, The 90s. 

It is this generation of people who have enjoyed life to the fullest in the best possible ways. That time there was no much technology and probably that is the reason those people lead a much better and healthy life. These days children as young as a few months old have knowledge on operating a mobile or a laptop or any other gadget for that matter. Earlier generations had access to these smart technologies in middle age of their life starting from the very basic model of mobiles which solved only the purpose of making and receiving calls. Since there was no gaming in mobiles so children got the opportunity to go and play outdoors which kept them fit and healthy. Nowadays children are equipped with a lot of technology that they are totally indulged in it and often end up being introverts. No much social interactions with others makes them sophisticated. They tend to take things more casually and often don’t realize the seriousness of things in life. This way they end up growing as a very pampered child which in some way spoils them. The happiness achieved on sharing our thoughts with someone or sending quality time with our family is the best satisfaction one can get. The happiness and peace of mind one gets on helping a needy person is not comparable to anything else. Those who are born with technology do not understand these small things in life which in turn grow up to be major problems for them. They are often of the mindset that being modern with money can fulfill all their dreams and can buy them everything in life. But the fact remains that money can only buy them gadgets and not happiness or peace or true satisfaction. 

The 90s generation have spent a worthy childhood being realistic and have enjoyed small small things in life to the fullest! 

My first day at school

Just like every other child even I was very excited to go to school the first day but I did not anticipate that going to school was no longer a cake walk when it came to doing.
A totally new environment,
The moment I arrived at school I learnt that I had to be in school alone without my parents for half a day and I was not prepared for the same. I saw many other students in the school who were also in the same condition as me. Most of them were crying to part from their mother’s. I too did the same. Then I was assured by my mother that she would be right there at the reception waiting for me until the school gets over. Still I was hesitant to go and I began crying even more. After a lot of consoling I agreed to go inside with a crying face. On entering the class I saw a whole lot of new people who later on became my friends and there was a teacher who managed to bring a smile on our faces. For one teacher to handle so many kids was not an easy task as all the children had their own tantrums. Initially I was reluctant to talk and socialise with all the other children in class but the teacher introduced us to all the others in class. The most common expression observed was either a crying face or a smile on seeing each others face. As the day passed by, I started to talk to a few of the students as I realized that it was with these children that I had to spend the rest of the day. I was happy to have made new friends and soon it was afternoon when the bell rang and classes were dismissed. Every child ran out to reach their parents who were waiting for their children in huge numbers outside the gate. And on meeting my mother I had a whole lot of stories to tell her which she use to listen very patiently with much interest. She always motivated me and guided me towards being a good and successful person. Though I did not realize the importance of those thing when it was said to me but I agreed to her hoping that she knew much more than me and would think the best for me. Today I realise the importance of those things ! This is how my first day at school was. It was a day that can never be forgotten by me and my family members.